G Day Victoria group volunteers, 2015

Checking out G Day Victoria!!

While Victoria BC is technically not far at all from Vancouver, every time I have the good fortune to visit it I am always astonished by how much it feels like another world. It’s simply gorgeous, and feels very different: less gritty, urban and loud than Vancouver – I love it!

Madeleine and her family checking out G Day Victoria venue, 2015I headed over there last week with my Mom and Gigi in tow to pay the G Day Victoria team a visit, and check out the lovely Mary Winspear Centre. For starters, I have been blown away by the dedication of the G Day Victoria Community Leader Carmen Spagnola. To know her is to love her: seriously. An inspired intuitive, hypnotherapist, gardener and Mom – among many other things! – she first approached me about organizing a G Day in Victoria immediately following the first G Day Vancouver, where she was a volunteer.

One thing has led to another, and G Day Victoria is taking place on Sunday September 2oth – woo hoo! In a beautiful coincidence, G Day Vancouver’s Girls Program MC counts Victoria as her hometown: none other than Global TV anchor Sonia Sunger.

I was incredibly moved by meeting many of the Victoria team in person and hearing their stories about why they were involved with G Day. One of them, a Mom of two daughters (the girls came along!) said that it was as simple as wanting a chance to celebrate her kids in a way that she never was. Another, who generously presented me with a beautiful handmade card, said that it had more to do with her own experience as an adolescent girl. Seeing them all, many with their daughters at their side, was incredibly moving.

G Day Victoria group volunteers, 2015

And the venue: all I can say is Wow! With all due respect to the classy Chan Centre and modern Daniels Spectrum in Toronto, I daresay that this is the best place that we have had to work with so far. It’s spacious and versatile and feels really special. Stay tuned for more Victoria news coming over the summer, and I’ll hope to see you there on September 20th!

  • Livjot Kaur
    Posted at 00:19h, 24 September Reply

    Hi there! Hope you had a wonderful event for 2105. I have moved here from Ontario this past year and am slowly connecting to people and groups. As well as being a longtime children’s Kundalini Yoga teacher, I also serve on the Board of Directors for the MammAlive Foundation for Breast Health and Education. Our foundation has been invited to be a presence at the 2016 G Day event in Toronto, and that got me thinking about 2016 G Day in Victoria. Each October our Foundation, through our Advocates and our Educators group, give presentations on breast health to a particular audience. This year’s target group is teens. Preteen could be a possibility for next year. If not, I would still be interested in offering something at your G Day event if your organizers thought it was a good fit. Just a heads up as you begin to plan for 2016 🙂 Blessings, Livjot 778-350-6075 http://www.MammAliveFoundation.org http://www.TheYogaPath.net

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