G Day for Girls

From 2014-2019, G Day gathered a village across Canada to support and celebrate
10-12 year old girls as they take their first steps into adolescence.


G Day and its parent charity United Girls of the World Society produced day-long events attracting up to 300 girls and the supportive adults in their lives. Each G Day culminated in a rite of passage ceremony, where the adults present witnessed, honoured, and acknowledged the girls as they crossed a threshold into a new social and emotional life stage. G Day provided both girls and adults with tools to navigate adolescence, inspirational stories from diverse role models, and a felt sense of self-worth and community support.


We are no longer producing events but we want to leave our G Day Village with an online  ‘time capsule’ including:



We hope this time capsule will inspire and resource anyone drawn to the idea of creating a rite of passage celebration for girls in their lives.

Watch the Magic

G Day events are designed to inspire positive self esteem and supportive family and community relationships at this key life phase.

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