About G Day


At G Day, we are creating a global social movement, starting with holding events in communities across Canada where Girls and their Champions (parents/guardians and others playing a meaningful role in supporting Girls futures) can come together to welcome, witness and receive Girls as they enter the next phase of their life journey.

At G Day, we become the “Village” it takes to raise a child, if only for a day.


  • To empower and celebrate Girls, reflecting back to them their incredible specialness of this time in life
  • To “Be the Village”, creating an intentional container where we assume collective responsibility for the wellbeing of our community’s youth
  • To support relationships and authentic communication between Girls and Champions
  • To promote Sisterhood, compassion and respect among the Girls
  • To present a diverse array of role models and content
  • To create an accessible event that makes all Girls feel included


  • Community and family. We support healthy family relationships in whatever form they take.
  • Diversity and inclusiveness. We want G Day to reflect diversity of experience, race, colour, sexuality and family makeup.
  • Compassion and empathy. G Day promotes active listening and authentic and supportive relationships free of bullying or judgement.
  • Sacredness. G Day events are part of an ancient historical tradition that spans continents, millennia and faith traditions.
  • Girls empowerment. Girls’ leadership and wellbeing will light our collective way into the future.
  • Global awareness. Our perspective and impact is global.
  • Fun! Pleasure is one of the most potent forces for good in the world: let’s use it to lift us up and connect us in community. G Day is a celebration.


Many thanks to Megan Sheldon of Narrative Communications for helping us to explore the emotion and mythology behind G Day.

Community is a powerful source of energy; from it we draw strength to lead the life we dream. Without community, we lack the safety and trust we need to explore who we truly want to be. We all know that transformation isn’t immediate; we go through change slowly, and we often need a cocoon to give us the space we need to transform. G Day is that chrysalis; a beautiful moment in time for young girls to have the freedom to explore, acknowledge and expand.

The transition from childhood to adolescence is one of the most important transitions in our lives. At G Day, we believe that girls need more than a simple acknowledgement of this sacred time, they need a celebration. They need to be witnessed by their community and to feel protected by their village. They need rituals that bring them together, and tools that carry them forward. They need an experience.

G Day is a sisterhood. It is a place for the community to come together and celebrate young girls as they enter a new phase in their life. Through intentional acts of belonging, we become the village that cheers them on. One of the most magical aspects of G Day  is seeing how the champions, made up of parents, relatives and friends, support all of the girls, not only the ones they know, while also experiencing their own transformation. That is what community is – a place where we show up for each other.

Our goal is to create a space where girls can come together and celebrate what makes them unique and also what joins them together. We want to honour the stories and wisdoms we hold, as individuals and as a community. Together, we have the ability to create a circle of common experiences that allows us to see each other for who we really are.

G Day is more than a one-day event, it is a global movement that invites all of us to recognize and acknowledge the importance of our own coming-of-age, and to celebrate those moments with intentional ceremony and fierce celebration!