Victoria 2015

Mary Winspear Centre

Thank you to all who joined us on September 20, 2015! Photos from the day captured by Centric Photography are now available on our Flickr page. Here is also a super sweet video recap by the fantastic Madeline Ell!

Carmen Spagnola G Day Victoria Community Leader

Community Leader: Carmen Spagnola

Carmen Spagnola is a Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist specializing in mind-body-spirit integration. Carmen’s passion for mythology, archetypes, storytelling and culture-building influence every area of her work whether she’s presenting in high schools about depression and suicide, or training youth to connect with their inner wisdom. Carmen has led personal development workshops in four countries and is committed to spreading the G Day movement worldwide.


Robin Farrell G Day Victoria Sept 2015 Girls Program MC
Robin Farrell

Robin has a Master’s Degree in Sport and Exercise Psychology from the University of Ottawa, and is the host of KOOL Mornings with Robin, Paul and Ceara on 107.3 KOOL FM. She has spent the past 14 years in broadcasting. When she’s not on your radio, Robin spends as much time outside as possible pretending to be an elite cyclist or Olympic lifting in the gym. She has dabbled in both standup and improv comedy, but her first love has always been music – so G Day for Girls is right up her alley!

Saleema Noon G Day Advisory Board member
Saleema Noon

Saleema is a sexual health educator who works with children, teens, teachers, parents, and health care professionals. A step-mom to two teenage girls, she is the creator of the popular iGirl and iGuy Empowerment Workshops for 9-12 year olds.

Anna Soole G Day Vancouver Oct 2015 Presenter
Anna Soole

Anna is the iMatter Program Manager and iGirl Facilitator withSaleema Noon Sexual Health Educators. Anna was forever changed as a young girl when an experience taught her about the ways that girls are socialized to give their power away through their body language, tone of voice and sense of self worth. At that moment, she decided it was her life purpose to share the assertiveness, media literacy and empowerment skills she had learned.

Alice Bracegirdle G Day Victoria Sept 2015 Presenter
Alice Bracegirdle

Alice loves moving, grooving, connecting and getting crazy with girls of all ages. As the CEO of Bellyfit®, she travels around the world with her message of feminine empowerment through fun, holistic fitness and has shared Bellyfit with hundreds of students in many schools throughout Victoria and BC. She knows that girls and women of all ages feel healthier, happier and more alive when they dance, meditate and have fun with other girls and women who are doing the same.

Jessie Hemphill G Day Victoria Sept 2015 Presenter
Jessie Hemphill

Jessie (Tlali’ila’ogwala, or “Bridge Between the Worlds”) is from the ‘Nakwaxda’xw, Ligwitlda’xw and Metis nations. Her love for her community has led her to a career in community planning and facilitation, working with First Nations all over Canada. It also led her to a seat on Port Hardy’s town council, where she was first elected in 2011 as the youngest elected woman in Port Hardy’s history, and the first person from a local First Nation.

Liz Zdunich G Day Vancouver Oct 2015 Presenter
Liz Zdunich

Liz is a playful yogini, teacher and coach, lover of sweet beats and a goddess of GROOVE, Master Trainer in THEGROOVE, Reiki practitioner, blogger, business owner/operator and above all, a mumma of two beautiful, bright lights. She has been professionally involved in the “fitness industry” for over sixteen years, accumulating an eclectic collection of certificates, a degree and some wisdom over the years. Liz has an absolute passion for helping people discover their own physical and inner strength and beauty.

Preeti Kang G Day Victoria Sept 2015 Presenter
Preeti Kang

Preeti is a passionate dance teacher who teaches Bhangra, a dance form originating from Punjab, India. She is currently a member of the Senior Advanced Team for Shan-e-Punjab dance school and teaches the Senior Intermediate Team. She has taught boys and girls from the ages of 8 to 18 and has been with the school for over ten years. Born and raised in Canada, Preeti understands the importance of being connected to her Punjabi roots as well as being a proud Canadian.

Jennifer Gibson G Day Victoria Sept 2015 Presenter
Jennifer Gibson

Jennifer knows that girls are beyond amazing. For the last 20 years, Jennifer has been lucky enough to learn from, work with, and educate girls about their bodies, feelings, rights, and abilities and these incredible experiences have taught Jennifer that girls are brilliant, funny, intelligent, capable, and spirited. She brings to G Day her combined experiences as a girl, woman, daughter, professional sexual health educator, body image promoter, advocate, and her BIG passion for creating a space that is fun, energetic and affirming. Jennifer is also passionate about dogs, taking photos, homemade chocolate chip cookies, and staying up late. She is not so passionate about snakes, waking up early, or matched socks.

Madison Hooson G Day Victoria Sept 2015 Presenter
Madison Hooson

Maddy has been playing guitar since she was 8 years old and singing since before she could talk. She is passionate about songwriting, playing guitar, animals and helping people. Madison is a student at Oak & Orca Bioregional school where she is most interested in studying Greek Mythology, Agriculture, Music and Art. She aspires to be a Salt Spring Island hippie, farmer & artist when she grows up. She will likely save the world.

Monique Gray Smith G Day Victoria Sept 2015 Champions MC
Monique Gray Smith

Monique is a mixed heritage woman of Cree, Lakota, and Scottish descent and is the proud Mom of eleven-year-old twins. An international speaker and sought after consultant, she is also the award winning author of Tilly: A Story of Hope and Resilience. Her career has focused on strengthening the understanding of historical trauma on Indigenous children and families and fostering paradigm shifts that focus on the strength and resiliency of the First Peoples in Canada. She is well known for her warmth, spirit of generosity and focus on resilience. Monique has been sober and involved in her healing journey for over 23 years.

Colleen Adrian G Day Victoria Sept 2015 Presenter
Colleen Adrian

Colleen is a conscious parenting educator who teaches parents how to support their children to listen to their inner voice. She is passionate about authentic, heart-centered living, and supporting children to ‘be themselves’ rather than conforming to peer pressure or becoming people-pleasers. She believes that this requires both the ability to hear your inner voice over the loud chatter of peers and media, as well as a strong sense of self-worth giving you the courage to follow your inner wisdom when faced with social pressures. This is especially important for girls and women because it’s an essential aspect of being fully connected to our feminine energy and power, and using them in a healthy way to create lives we choose and love.

Hannah Berry G Day Victoria Sept 2015 Presenter
Hannah Berry

Hannah is an award winning spoken word poet and musician, and an avid writer and reader. The incredible support she has received throughout her life from her parents, teachers, and mentors has inspired her to be a strong positive influence for other young girls, and she now tutors and mentors many of her younger peers. She is a recent graduate of Reynolds Secondary School, and after a gap year will be attending Quest University to pursue a Bachelor of Arts and Sciences.

Olive Bassett G Day Victoria Presenter
Olive Bassett

Born in Unity, Saskatchewan in 1921, Olive is the seventh daughter in a family with seven girls. Her work career spanned from the Federal Government during the Second World War to retail to most recently from 2000 to 2005 when she acted in TV commercials. She volunteered in the Richmond community for over 50 years on community committees such as: the Family Court committee, Child Protection Network, RCMP Victim Witness Program, Metropolitan Board of Health, Trustee on Richmond School Board and resigned from The Senior’s Advisory Committee after twelve years to move to Vancouver Island in 2014 to be closer to her family. The most recent winner of the Unlimited Woman of Wisdom, Olive has decided that now, in her 94th year, her volunteering days are going to be spent in her garden!