The G Day Experience

G Day is a fun-filled and inspiring one-day event that celebrates girls and their transition from childhood into adolescence. Girls ages 10 to 12 are welcome to attend G Day on their own or with parents and/or other supportive adults in girls’ lives.

The G Day program provides a fun, caring and supportive environment that helps increase awareness, understanding and acceptance of the significant changes girls experience during this important time in their lives.

Following the traditional stages of rites of passage — separation, initiation and return — Girls and supportive adults start the day together, engaging in intergenerational activities and dialogue, before breaking into separate spaces. After experiencing their separate programs, Girls reunite with the supportive adults and community for a beautiful ritual ceremony that expresses G Day’s real magic: the affirmation of the value of self, family and community, no matter how we are related.

Every G Day event is hosted and facilitated by local MCs and Presenters – speakers, facilitators and artists who lead the Girls and supportive adults through a variety of interactive and engaging activities. There are also abundant breaks and time for the Girls to connect with each other.

Whether attending with or without a supportive adult, Girls will experience and receive the same wonderful inspiration and support from the whole community of participants and volunteers.

Girls Program

G Day features local, multi-generational speakers, teachers and artists who lead the Girls through a variety of presentations and workshops on topics emphasizing leadership, personal empowerment, body positivity and global awareness, integrating music, creativity and movement, There are abundant breaks and time for the Girls to connect with each other.

Every Girl is given a workbook upon arrival, which she may personalize and decorate. The workbook contains interview questions that can be used during breaks to facilitate meeting other Girls and Volunteers, and to encourage the Girls to think and share about what is important to them. There is also space in the workbooks for Girls to write their personal reflections about the day.

Adults Program

The optional adults’ program runs concurrently with the Girls’ program.

Supportive adults come to G Day to reflect back to the Girls how special they are, and how much they value, love and support them as they begin their journey into adulthood, to inspire courage and compassion for themselves and their peers, and have faith in their dreams.

Themes for the adults’ program vary from city to city, and may include conscious parenting, DIY rituals, and connecting with one’s own “inner adolescent” through dialogue and movement.

G Day at Home

Pay what you can to receive a G Day at Home package.