G Day Toronto | October 19, 2019  9:00AM-4:00PM

Artscape Daniels Launchpad |130 Queens Quay East – East Wing, 4th Floor

G Day is a one-day event designed to celebrate and empower girls* age 10 to 12 as they take their first steps on the journey toward adulthood.  G Day supports the development of positive self-esteem and healthy peer and family relationships in a community context and includes parents and other supportive adults in girls’ lives.

 *G Day welcomes female-identified youth approximately age 10-12

Tickets for Girls and Adults are $25 per person

What will you experience at G Day Toronto 2019?

To get to have a ritual that says: Welcome! You're special. You're wanted. You're part of this community...that changes everything!

- A G Day Parent

More than 300 girls and adults participate in a multitude of diverse, fun, creative activities that encourage connection, compassion and confidence.  In the morning we hear the ‘real’ stories behind public leaders: the challenges that they faced as girls themselves, and how they overcame them to be who they are today.  In the afternoon, the girls and adults separate to experience their own programming.

    • Girls participate in a variety of activities such as dance, martial arts, self-defense, yoga or other movement as well as workshops designed to support self-esteem, creativity, and positive peer relationships.
    • Adults connect with professional educators and learn practical skills to champion the girls in their life and support their own self-care.
    • At the end of the day, girls and adults reunite for a moving celebration to mark and witness the girls’ transition into a new stage in their lives
  • 9:00AM – Doors Open & Registration
  • 10:00AM – Program Begins
  • 3:30PM – Program Ends
  • 4:00PM – Dessert & Departure
  • Tickets are $25 each (Girls or Adults) and includes nutritious snacks, tea and coffee and a sweet treat, however DO NOT include lunch. Participants are asked to bring their own lunches and water bottles.  If you require free lunch assistance please send us an email at toronto@gday.world
  • G Day is deeply committed to being as inclusive as possible. Free tickets are available for families who would not otherwise be able to attend. Please fill out this form to let us know how we can make it possible for you to join us!
  • Artscape Daniels Launchpad is fully wheelchair accessible.
  • Have other accessibility needs? Please let us know at toronto@gday.world
Volunteer at G Day

Each G Day event is staffed by a crew of amazing local volunteers. It’s a fun, very busy day of diverse activities that go into making G Day as special as possible. Volunteers are also a special part of our ‘container’ and are very much invited to enjoy the presentations and participate as much as their responsibilities allow.


Time Commitments:

  • Volunteer Training on Wednesday October 16th 2019 from 6:00PM – 7:30PM.  Training will be held at the WE Global Learning Centre, 339 Queen Street East, Toronto ON and a video call in link will be provided for those who are unable to join in person.
  • Attend G Day Toronto 2019 on Saturday October 19th 2019 from 8am – 4pm at Artscape Daniels Launchpad, 130 Queens Quay East, East Wing – 4th Floor, Toronto, ON

Sign up as a G Day Toronto 2019 volunteer here!


Positions available:


SET UP/CATERING/TAKE DOWN:  arrive at 7:00AM, leave by 5:00PM

Help set up the venue at the beginning of the day, put out and clean up food items throughout the day and support with venue clean up at the end of the day.


REGISTRATION:  arrive at 8:00AM, leave by 11:00AM but welcome to stay for the day!) 
Greet attendees in the morning at the Registration Table, provide information and track registration. 


GREETERS:  arrive at 8:00AM, leave by 4:00PM

Greet attendees in the morning, provide information and directions, usher attendees after breaks and lunch, assist with transitions, ensure safety (no girls exiting building). Make sure all girls who are not accompanied by an adult have someone picking them up. 


CIRCLE LEADERS:  arrive at 8:00AM, leave by 4:00PM. 
Convene groups of girls & adults to welcome them to G Day, facilitate small group conversations, ensure no girl is left out, make sure the attendees are safe and having fun.  Circle Leaders are adults with demonstrated interest and experience in facilitation and are positive role models for G Day participants whose job it is to hold energetic/emotional space for sharing and conversations.


Sign up as a G Day Toronto 2019 volunteer here!

Questions? Download our FAQ here!



Delicia Raveenthrarajan

Delicia Raveenthrarajan is an 18 year old speaker, performer and author who has been decorated with the Governor General’s Sovereign Volunteer Medal of Canada, and the OSTA-AECO Dedication to the Arts Award for her passion in music education and youth empowerment through the arts. Working with WE for 10 years, and as an ambassador for several organizations, Delicia uses public speaking, singing, and writing as a catalyst to inspire. Her work has been published by the likes of Teen Vogue and The Mighty, and her music has been released on international platforms. 


Delicia’s public speaking journey started at an early age and her experience ranges from her work with organizations and the government, to educational institutes, various events, and conferences. Highlights include speaking at The University of Toronto, performing New Years Eve in Kenya, speaking on Mental Health for the Premier of Ontario, and working alongside the Canadian Government in preparation for the 2018 G7 Summit. Delicia has worked across North America and around the world in order to share her story and advocate for youth mental health and wellbeing.


In addition to advocacy and youth empowerment, as a recent graduate of the Performing Arts at Sir Oliver Mowat C.I., Delicia specialized in voice and cello, also contributing to the program as a violinist and student conductor. She recently performed in Ottawa at MusicFest Canada 2019 with the Ellison Canadian Honour Choir where she was named the recipient of the 2019 Ellison Vocal Scholarship. In addition, Delicia works as a Music Theatre Staff at the National Music Camp of Canada, and directs various ensembles at St.Paul’s L’ Amoreaux Anglican Church. 


As a combination of her passions for youth empowerment, social justice, and the arts, Delicia currently works as a Choral Conductor at Sistema Toronto while also in school for a double major in music and neuropsychology.


Fun Fact: Delicia’s full name is longer than the English alphabet!

Frankie Garnons Williams

Frankie grew up in London, United Kingdom, before settling in Toronto, Canada in 2018.  Frankie is a queer non-binary person, with 5+ years of experience working as an organizer, speaker, facilitator and youth worker. Travelling across the UK and North America, Frankie has worked with over 100,000 young people, supporting them in ideating and realizing social change in their communities.

Frankie studied International Politics at university, delving deeper into the reasons why so many local and global issues exist. They left university determined to work towards dismantling the oppressive structures and systems that characterise the modern day, knowing that it is young people that can have the most impact. They are looking towards creating a world where the barriers and boxes that are put around young folks growing up are eradicated, a world where you can be the person that you are without stigma and can live as your most authentic self.

Frankie is no stranger to giving back to their community through social action, whether it is volunteering at their local foodbank, youth group or community centre, and participating in campaigns linked to LGBTQ+ rights, migrant rights and gender equality.

Having spent most of their teen years coming to terms with their identity and their place in this world, Frankie is thrilled to be spending G Day with us this year. Meeting the next generation of leaders and working together to make this world as inclusive and connected as possible.

Talitha Tolles

Talitha Tolles (27, she/her) is a Queer, Indigenous rights activist, a motivational speaker, a storyteller, an artist, and above all else a strong, resilient, Metis womxn.

Her ancestors were Drummond Island Voyageurs and settled in Penetanguishene. Talitha was raised in the concrete jungle but feels that her true home is on the shores of Georgian Bay where she grew up with her Grandparents. Growing up Talitha was unaware of her Indigenous roots and felt as though a piece of her spirit was missing. 

In 2013 Talitha set out on a new journey as a Facilitator and Motivational Speaker. After years on the frontline and managing a team of 20+ speakers she became the Associate Director of Indigenous Relations. In this role she created the Indigenous Relations segment and oversaw all programs and partnerships with over 100+ communities.  Through her work Talitha ensures a people first approach and operates through a framework that is committed to equity, always.

Talitha has worked with over 300,000 + people to engage in active citizenship by promoting awareness, agency and support for Indigenous populations. She has had the privilege of speaking at and hosting many events including WE Day alongside Gord Downie, and the Downie Wenjack Fund, Jack Summit where she spoke about advocacy and self-care in the context of youth mental health, The Youth Forum – Women’s Forum for the Economy and Society which featured guest speaker Sophie Grégoire Trudeau, and most recently was a speaker at UNESCO, in Paris for the 2019 International Year of Indigenous Languages.


Outside of her everyday work, Talitha takes pride in being a creative. She is a skilled Graphic facilitator and recorder where she takes complex concepts and ideas and breaks them down using visuals and typography. When Talitha puts down her pens and markers she trades them in for a needle and thread, as the owner of an Indigenous run beading company, Redwood Bead

Nadine Thornill

Nadine Thornhill is an Educator, Speaker and Author.

Amanda Laird

Amanda Laird is a writer, Registered Holistic Nutritionist™ and host of the Heavy Flow Podcast – a feminist, body positive podcast about reproductive health and wellness. Amanda is the author of Heavy Flow: Breaking the Curse of Menstruation, available wherever books are sold.

She lives in Toronto with her husband and daughter.

Caitlin Patterson

Caitlin Patterson is an Indigenous Doula, Earth keeper, and Inclusivity Advisor.  She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Women’s studies with an emphasis on Indigenous women but finds her most powerful learning continues to take place in traditional Indigenous ceremony, storytelling, and in her medicine garden. Caitlin advises at a national level with businesses and non-profits that deliver programs that connect young people to Indigenous frameworks to create space for Indigenous people to be seen and heard.  


As a full spectrum Indigenous Doula, Caitlin helps women reclaim our roles as life givers in our communities, while expanding our understanding of what it means to be a Mother. She is an advocate for the importance of girls and women and the roles we all play in nurturing development in our communities. Caitlin recently launched Red Bird Medicines; A botanical approach to maintaining personal balance of our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual elements by nurturing our relationship with the plants around us. 


 Altogether, Caitlin works to decolonize the way are raising the next generations to come.

Sally Hakim

Sally Hakim is Youth To Youth Program Manager at Right To Play

Gemma Sheehan

Gemma Sheehan is the Founder, Girls Who Fight, a former MMA champion who promotes girls empowerment through teaching self defense.

Ama Scriver

Amanda (Ama) Scriver is a body image advocate, freelance journalist, social media strategist,  and speaker with over ten years of experience under her belt.

Best known for being fat, loud, and shouty on the Internet, she has lent her voice to Leafly, Buzzfeed, The Washington Post, FLARE, The Walrus, The National Post and Allure on topics ranging from body politics to mental health awareness, plus size fashion and cannabis. Her advocacy work has also been featured in FASHION Magazine, NOW Magazine, CBC Radio, Local Love and The Toronto Star – to name a few.


The things that bring her joy are bold lipstick, reality television, and potato chips. She lives in Toronto, Canada. She is in the midst of writing her first book, a memoir, on the intersections between trauma and the body.

Lindsay Sealey

Lindsay Sealey, is the author of Growing Strong Girls: Practical Tools to Cultivate Connection in the Preteen Years (2017) and Rooted, Resilient, and Ready: Empowering Teens Girls as They Grow (February 2020). She holds a B.A. from Simon Fraser University in Burnaby and an M.A. in Educational Leadership from San Diego State University. Lindsay is the founder and CEO of Bold New Girls: a unique teaching and coaching company, merging academic and social and emotional support, and emphasizing empowerment and personal growth. Lindsay is a passionate keynote speaker, consultant, and workshop facilitator for students, teachers, parents, and communities.

Lindsay has appeared on CTV’s The Social, Global’s The Morning Show, and Toronto’s The Agenda. As well, she has spoken on NewsTalk 1010 Radio (Toronto), CJAD 800 (Montreal), and CBC Radio (Canada). Lindsay is a contributor to the Globe and Mail, HuffPost Canada, and Spoke. She has been featured in the Toronto Star, Canadian Family, and Today’s Parent.

Raine Liliefeldt

Raine Liliefeldt is a communications professional and relationship builder with over 16 years in the nonprofit sector built on a solid background of event planning and sales in the corporate sector. A creative organizer, educator, project manager and event planner, she has extensive experience in program planning, organizing grassroots initiatives, youth conferences, producing concerts and cultural festivals.

As the Director of Member Services and Development at YWCA Canada, Raine is responsible for a number of mission impact projects including a Knowledge Exchange Project On Ending Cyberviolence against Young Women And Girls, Think Big.Start Small, a civic engagement and leadership program for young women and Think Big.Lead Now a national young women’s leadership summit and mentorship program.  She also coordinates national organizational meetings, capacity building and training events.

Mando - Amanda Wand

Mando (Amanda Wand) is a queer Toronto-based visual storyteller that believes in the power of process through creation. She is an intuitive abstract painter that uses art as a way to navigate the many complex emotions, experiences and identities of our world with the intention to invite others to process their own truths through her work.


She has a professional background in facilitation and has delivered motivational speeches and workshops on social justice, youth empowerment and art activism to over 50,000 people globally. Mando regularly contributes her art to local social justice causes and charity functions. She recently has supported WE Charity, Rainbow Railroad, and Dreaming for Kids Charity. She continually uses her artist platform to support causes she cares about as she believes in the power of art to bring together community and create real change.

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