Oh My Goddess!

G is for Goddess was one of the most extraordinary events we have ever hosted or attended: thank you to anyone who supported it in any way.

For me, the pleasure of the evening started well before the doors opened to our guests. Our great friend Nikiah Seeds had offered to supply the decor, and so we arrived early and went to work, with the enthusiastic assistance of one of the venue’s tech hands. I love the feeling of cameraderie that comes with co-creating a special shared intention: whether it’s a holiday family meal, moving day or preparing for a party like this one.

With Nikiah’s red saris draped from the rafters, candles lit and flowers arranged, the rest of the volunteer team arrived and took over to complete the preparations for our modern Red Tent: it was warm, inviting, exotic and altogether fabulous.

Suzanne, Taryn Brumfitt and Madeleine at G is for Goddess, Sept 25, 2014

125 of our favourite friends and colleagues (and their friends, Mothers, sisters and so on) soon arrived and filled the space with their laughter and beautiful outfits. My Mom showed up with an unexpected (yet highly welcome!) visitor: my 9 year old daughter Gigi, who wanted to stop by to wish me luck. Having a kid like her, I feel lucky enough to last a lifetime!

I then kicked things off by telling the story of G Day and how it led to G is for Goddess, an adult version of the adolescent rite of passage event that most of us had never experienced.

Suzanne followed with a heartfelt and eloquent introduction of Nikiah, who proceeded to transport us to ancient, womb-shaped caves, sharing her wisdom about ancient Goddesses and relating their power to the women gathered around her. She was mesmerizing: it’s no wonder that she has found her calling as a Shaman, Priestess and Celebrant: this woman knows how to invoke the sacred.

Nikiah in turn introduced us to a living Goddess who expresses her gift through song: Suzann Kingston, a capella diva extraordinaire. Suzann shared a suite of beautiful, timeless songs “about hope and optimism”, including Somewhere over the Rainbow, Summertime and You’ll Never Know. You could have heard a pin drop, everyone was so captivated by the beauty of her presence.

Next up was Power Sourcerer Lucca Hallex, who helped us to understand how we all have direct access to our intuitive knowledge, should we choose to go there. Lucca’s tips and stories had heads nodding all around the room as she invited us to get into our bodies and consciously listen for the Yes, No or “waiting room” moments. I know that I wasn’t the only one who felt touched and inspired by her excellent presentation.

We ate and drank (organic wine courtesy of BC’s very own Kalala Winery, delicious!) and shared our impressions with one another before moving on to the highly interactive and thoroughly irresistible Devi Ward, who got us up and moving into our hips as an introduction to her presentation, Power and Pleasure. She pointed us to the sacred relationship between our bodies’ desire for pleasure and union, and our spirit’s desire for divine union, with loads of great tips and inspiration for getting busy at home 😉

Last but far from least was our Special Guest all the way from Australia, body positivity crusader Taryn Brumfitt, graciously introduced by Bodacious Clothing founder (and G is for Goddess’ Visionary Sponsor) Lorna Ketler. Taryn is a whole blog post unto herself (in fact her story is currently being made into a feature-length documentary film), however we were so extremely fortunate to get just a small taste of her hilarious, inspiring and deeply thought-provoking message to cap off the night: she left us all on a high, feeling love for her, ourselves and one another.

Thank you so much to everyone: our volunteers, Sponsors, suppliers and guests: it was an honour and a privilege getting to celebrate ourselves together in this special, special way. Also a huge thank you to Dunia Tozy from Love 2 Media for taking these gorgeous images! Until next time, Goddesses!

G is for Goddess event space


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