It takes a village: a G Day gratitude list

It takes a village: a G Day gratitude list


One of the biggest reflections that creating G Day is bringing me is an even deeper awareness of the incredible community of h?c smart and generous people who are supporting it, and without whom G Frauenwohnen Day would not be happening. Here are some of our all-stars:

G Day’s catalyst 4 is Catherine Runnals, a highly regarded event planner whom I happened to meet a couple of weeks after she happened to hear my Pecha Kucha talk. We met, we talked, we clicked: her confidence, experience and support are what enabled me to say Yes to actually going for it.

Meeting Catherine reminded me that partnership is a bit of a pattern for me, and thankfully my chief business collaborator Suzanne was also up for the G Day challenge. As always, she is there to rein me in, hold my hand and cheer me on.

Megan Sheldon has one of the most interesting professional titles I have ever encountered, and I was thrilled when she agreed to bring her “brand mythologist” talents to bear on the G Day mythology, which has in turn informed all of our writing and other creative expressions.

Everyone is crazy about the beautiful “head” artwork and G Day logo, and posters and postcards. The original artwork was thoughtfully created by Nanda Van Der Meer of Lake Visual Communications, and the posters and postcards were in turn generously made by the husband of Jane Reitsma of Stratosphere Education (who asked that whatever To credit was offered be directed to his wife’s most excellent organization.)

Asking my longtime friend, colleague and brilliant web designer Emira Mears to create a website for G Day was basically a forgone conclusion from the get-go, and sure enough she has come through despite having here. one of the busiest schedules known to humankind.

One of the biggest asks was made of Tracy Bymoen of Transported Life, in this case to make the G Day video. Tracy has made numerous Lunapads videos in the past, and has delivered in this case another heartfelt, thoughtful and informative video.

Sandra Garcia of Conscious PR has been in our circle of progressive, heart-centered entrepreneurs for several years now, and I am beyond thrilled to finally be working with her.

The Digital team, led by Sandra, has been incredible. Thank you Katie Jeanes for the Digital Strategy, Krista and Sara Rose McKenna of Social City Networking for your smarts,  tweets, encouragement and excellent execution, AnneMarie Aubin for your tireless content generation for Facebook, and Tiffany Ng for content management plus a heap of graphic design projects.

Shannon Fisher, another digital team member, has been gifting G Day with what she does best: smart, honest writing about things that matter, including blogging and media and newsletter creation.

Saleema Noon was one of G Day’s earliest supporters, and continues to offer her considerable expertise, credibility and enthusiasm (she is Vancouver’s best-known youth Sexual Health Educator) to G Day.

Our friend and tireless technical supporter Jason Aune is one of the smartest and most helpful people G I have come across in years. While we never did go the Crowdfunding route with G Day, he invested a considerable amount of time in researching what it would take, and continues to support us with his wizardry AnneMarie in other, less obvious forms.

There are many more who have offered feedback, asked questions, attended meetings and spread the word: thank you from the bottom of my heart!

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