G Day Toronto | October 14, 2018 | Appel Salon – Toronto Reference Library

G Day is a national rite of passage event series that celebrates the transition between childhood and adolescence in tween girls ages 10 to 12.

Our second G Day Toronto will bring together 300 people – including Girls and their parents and other supportive adults – to welcome, witness and receive our city’s Girls as they enter the next phase of their life journey.

At G Day, we become the “Village” it takes to raise a child.

What happens at G Day?


    • At G Day, 300 girls and adults gather as the village that it takes to raise a child.


    • Girls participate in a variety of interactive, creative and movement-based activities and hear from positive role models.


      • Adults hear from parenting experts about the unique challenges facing tween girls and learn practical skills to support them.


    • At the end of the day, girls are welcomed by the adults in a meaningful rite of passage.

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