Carmen Ruiz y Laza

G Day Story: Carmen Ruiz y Laza

Joytv host Carmen Ruiz y Laza will gladly get her hands dirty or manicured. CarmenTV showcases local experts for their knowledge and tips on travel, cuisine, fashion, beauty, DIY, entertainment and design. Thank you Carmen for sharing your G Day story with us!

Carmen Ruiz y LazaI was born in Spain, and raised under the guidance of my great uncle Archbishop “Tio” Ramon. Imagine being raised by Pope Francis and you get the picture! Tio Ramon was more spiritual than religious though. He instilled in us the golden rule – do unto others as you would have them do unto you. While we were an important family in our city, we were taught to be humble and grateful and kind. Of course I wasn’t always as saintly as Tio wanted me to be, but his lessons have never failed me – even when dealing with bullies and cheats. I step back and remove myself from their dark energy and try to maintain my serenity. It’s an act of strength and humility not to retaliate. It can be hard though!

My mother was a wonderful hostess, and frequent dinner parties would create a flurry of activity in our home. Elaborate feasts were prepared and our guests were scholars and philosophers who engaged in lively conversation – I followed as much of it as I could. To this day, I seek out friends with deep intelligence who can teach me something new. Always keep learning.

When I was sent to boarding school, the family life I loved was suddenly gone. Then Tio died and we moved to Canada, and my world was turned upside down again. Patience is the only way to survive difficult times like this. Don’t give up.

With a new country came a new life and the challenge of learning a new language. Kids picked on me – they thought my poor English meant I was stupid. I determined to study, study, study until my English was perfect, and that’s what I did.

So be kind, be honourable, don’t give in to bullies, surround yourself with interesting people, be patient, study hard. Be a lady, always. The world will open up for you.

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