Volunteer at G Day!

Each G Day event is staffed by a crew of amazing local volunteers. It’s a fun, very busy day of diverse activities that go into making G Day as special as possible. Volunteers are also a special part of our ‘container’ and are very much invited to enjoy the presentations and participate as much as their responsibilities allow.

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Positions available:

PRODUCTION SUPPORT (7:30am – 12 noon or 12 noon – 5:00pm shifts available)

  • Welcoming, checking in and orienting participants
  • Facilitating girls dropoff and pickup/security
  • Set up and tear-down
  • Distribution of journals, programs, art supplies and gift bags
  • Orienting Speakers and Presenters
  • Food service and cleanup

CIRCLE LEADER (8:00am – 4:30pm availability required)

G Day Circles are “micro-communities” within the larger G Day crowd (there will be up to 200 girls attending G Day; Circles will be 8-10 girls).

Circle Leaders are adults with demonstrated interest and experience in facilitation. This could include community leadership, education or professional experience that has included training in listening and feedback skills, group facilitation skills, counseling etc. Circle Leaders are positive, diverse role models for G Day participants whose job it is to hold energetic/emotional space for sharing and conversations.


  • Welcoming each member of her Circle at the beginning of the day
  • Explaining G Day’s policy of inclusion, respect, safety and no “mean girl” behaviour
  • Providing a brief overview of the day’s agenda
  • Explaining her role as a listener and facilitator
  • Managing time and ensuring that as many participants have the opportunity to share as time permits
  • Tidying and storing group supplies (workbooks, pens, personal belongings) to the side of the room during physical activities
  • To assist participants as necessary with personal needs (ie medical situation)
  • Managing distribution and completion of feedback forms
  • Maintaining confidentiality

DELIVERIES (7:30am – 12 noon or 12 noon – 5:00pm shifts available)

  • Assist with dropping off and/or picking up supplies
  • Requires a valid drivers license and access to a vehicle

COUNSELOR (9:00am – 12 noon or 12 noon – 4:30pm shifts available)

  • Registered Clinical Counselors (or professional equivalent) are required to help manage emotional overwhelm or trigger situations that may arise. Designated quiet spaces will be available to support these types of situations in the unlikely event that they occur.
  • Note that not all girls are accompanied by an adult: some may be attending on their own or with peers

ADULT-YOUTH VOLUNTEERING (7:30am – 12 noon or 12 noon – 5:00pm shifts available)

Adult-youth volunteering is a great way for multigenerational pairs to spend quality time together while also giving back to the community and providing youth with useful skills and experience. This volunteer position is open to a parent, step-parent, support worker, guardian, extended family member and/or other supportive adult in a girl’s life, and a girl. This is a great role for youth who have attended a past G Day.

Available to pairs composed of one adult 19 or over and one youth in Grades 8-10. 

YOUTH VOLUNTEER (8:00am – 4:30pm availability required)

Youth volunteers are Grade 11 or 12 students who will be mentored by an adult G Day volunteer. No experience required, however being a past G Day participant is of course an asset.

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