Vancouver Fall 2014

The Chan Centre for Performing Arts

The second G Day was held on Nov 2, 2014. Here’s Madeline Ell‘s beautiful video of some of the highlights!

Wendy D‘s gorgeous G Day Fall 2014 photos are now up! Relive the magic here.


Monica Morong (MC)

“M.” is the world’s first mainstream, conscious, mom rapper who in 2012 decided to BE the change she wanted to see by creating amazing, radio-worthy, commercial rap music! “M.” is a proud mother of three young girls, wife to her Caribbean husband and manager Trinibeatz, and is in the process of launching her first singles on the radio! She is super excited to inspire and reach a worldwide audience with her meaningful lyrics recorded to bumpin’ beats.

Saleema Noon G Day Advisory Board member
Saleema Noon

Saleema Noon is a sexual health educator who works with children,  teens, teachers, parents, and health care professionals. A step-mom to two teenage girls, she is the creator of the popular iGirl and iGuy Empowerment Workshops for 9-12 year olds.

Anna Soole G Day Vancouver Oct 2015 Presenter
Anna Soole

Anna is the iMatter Program Manager and iGirl Facilitator withSaleema Noon Sexual Health Educators. Anna was forever changed as a young girl when an experience taught her about the ways that girls are socialized to give their power away through their body language, tone of voice and sense of self worth. At that moment, she decided it was her life purpose to share the assertiveness, media literacy and empowerment skills she had learned.

Alex Mazerolle G Day Vancouver April 2014 Presenter
Alex Mazerolle

Alex started teaching yoga at age 21 and has been a staple in the Vancouver yoga community ever since. Through the years, her yoga journey began to reveal a happier, healthier and more confident self. She created Girlvana Yoga to inspire teen girls to be fully expressed, heart centred leaders by providing mentorship, empowerment and tools of deep love and respect for ourselves and our uniqueness.

Theresa Tree Walsh G Day Vancouver Oct 2015 Presenter
Tree Walsh

Tree is a mover, shaker and groover who has been a teacher, leader and facilitator of dance for over 19 years. Her mission is to inspire people of all ages to live more joyfully by encouraging them to enthusiastically express their essence through movement.

Erin Treloar

Erin is the Founder of RAW Beauty Talks, an organization helping women of all ages find confidence in their true inner beauty. She is an advocate for positive change and a thought leader tackling the growing issue of low self-esteem in women across North America and around the world.

Tamara Cotton G Day Vancouver Oct 2015 Presenter
Tamara Cotton

Tamara is a Certified Life-Cycle Celebrant. She creates and officiates meaningful ceremonies for individuals and families, which include coming of age ceremonies for girls. She believes it is important that we honour our children and youth – that we be the village that surrounds them and holds space for the expected and unexpected transitions that they will undergo in life.

Emma and Roland Nipp G Day Vancouver Oct 2015 Presenters
Roland and Emma Nipp

Roland and Emma Nipp are a father-daughter guitar playing duo with a wide repertoire of family oriented music spanning the last 80 years. Roland is a professional guitar teacher and Emma, a Grade 6 student, is already an experienced guitarist having played almost half her life. They perform regularly throughout Greater Vancouver, and their audiences are as diverse as the music they play.  Over the past year, their performances have been well received at outdoor markets, festivals, seniors communities, restaurants, Granville Island, Westminster Quay, weddings, civic ceremonies, and memorial services.

Lynda Joo, G Day Vancouver Presenter Fall 2014
Lynda Joo

Lynda is an all-time geek and believes that, through science and math, we can tell endless stories about the wonders of the world and make decisions today that affect the wellness of generations after us.

Andrea Scott

Andrea is the Chief Kulture Officer and Co-Owner of skoah, a skin care product company and spa with 15 locations in Canada and the US. Andrea is also the founder of the Hopeful Hand, a charity created through skoah to support the parents of ill and terminally ill children through the BC Children’s Hospital, and the Janus Academy in Calgary-a school created to support children with autism.

M'Girl Music G Day Vancouver April 2014 Presenters
M'Girl Music

M’Girl is a ensemble of Indigenous women with a collection of stories and songs about water ways, the strength of the four-legged, the winged ones and the gifts received from Mother Earth. M’Girls’ percussive-based Aboriginal hand drum songs blend harmonies into a contemporary, gospel style that reflects both their expertise of voice and their personal story of home.


Rahael Yohannes G Day Vancouver Nov 2014 Presenter
Rahael Yohannes

Rahael Yohannes is a 22 year-old student and singer songwriter. With the help of her guitar and life’s daily inspiration, she writes smooth and simple tunes that reflect on her and the world around her.

Sapna Dayal (Imagine1Day), G Day Presenter
Sapna Dayal

Sapna divides her time between Ethiopia and Vancouver, leading imagine1day’s transformative education and leadership programs as the Executive Director. She is committed to supporting a shift in the global perception of Ethiopia, while creating a charitable model wherein contributions, made in the spirit of fun, personal development and human connection, result in equitable and sustainable exchanges of culture, value, and innovation.