Vancouver 2015

Creekside Community Centre

This was the third G Day Vancouver we have held. Enjoy these beautiful images, and feel free to share your favourites on social. Gratitude and blessings to all our volunteers and sponsors for making this magic possible!

Check out the whole collection of photos on our Flickr page, taken by Wendy D Photography and Manjot Kaur.


Sonia Sunger G Day Vancouver Oct 2015 Girls Program MC
Sonia Sunger

Sonia Sunger was born and raised in Victoria BC and began her career as a journalist 9 years ago. Sonia dreamed of being a journalist at a very young age and now she is the Global News BC1 News Anchor covering everything from breaking news to community events like G-Day.  When Sonia isn’t working you might find her on the seawall, cooking up something spicy in the kitchen or catching up on some laughs with family and friends.

Marnie Goldenberg G Day Vancouver Champions Program MC and Presenter
Marnie Goldenberg

Marnie is a sexual health educator in Vancouver, who talks to kids, pre-teens and teens about sex, and talks to parents about talking to their kids about sex. She thinks it’s really important and believes that young people have a right to information about their bodies and how they work and that having this information gives people power. Marnie thinks young people are super smart and that giving them information and tools for exercising their smarts is what will set them up for success and positively change the way the world works.

Roberta Price G Day Vancouver Oct 2015 Presenter
Roberta Price

Roberta is the Coast Salish – Snuneymuxw and Cowichan Nations Elder, mother of four and grandmother of eight. She has worked for many years and is recognized as an Elder across Lower Mainland School Districts as well as for the BC Women’s and Children’s Hospital. Roberta is the Elder for Critical Research in Health and Health Care Inequities School of Nursing at UBC. She has facilitated cultural teaching circles in local schools for 28 years, at St. Paul’s Hospital, the UBC Learning Exchange and wherever she is respectfully called upon.

Comfort Ero G Day Vancouver Oct 2015 Presenter
Comfort Ero

A teacher, writer and master storyteller, Comfort uses her many artistic talents of drama,storytelling, and writing in English and French to discourage discrimination and bullying in schools and to share her African heritage. Her stories are very participatory, interactive and inclusive of audience participation. She has told stories and conducted workshops in hundreds of Canadian schools and community centres. She has written many books and Kokodiko the Dance Monster is her latest work. Also a poet and playwright, Comfort has directed and produced four African plays since she came to Canada. She has received many awards as a teacher, performing artist and community worker both in Nigeria and Canada.The Canadian community has benefited immensely from her contribution to education through the Art of storytelling.

Alexa Loo G Day Vancouver Oct 2015 Presenter
Alexa Loo

Alexa Loo is a two time Olympian in the sport of Parallel Giant Slalom Snowboarding: 2010 Vancouver and 2006 Turin.  Alexa Utilizes her Chartered Accountant designation, her sport experiences and her graduate certificate in executive coaching by helping people reach their potential as an executive coach and she helps to make Richmond awesome by serving as a City Councillor.

Andrea Reimer G Day Vancouver Oct 2015 Presenter
Andrea Reimer

Andrea was elected to Vancouver City Council in 2008, and served as chair of the Standing Committee on Planning, Transportation and Environment until 2014, when she was appointed as Deputy Mayor. Prior to be elected to Council, Andrea was executive director of the Wilderness Committee, served as a Vancouver School Board trustee from 2002-2005, and volunteered on community boards and agencies, including CCEC Credit Union, the Vancouver Foundation, and the Canadian Women Voters Congress. Andrea is also mom to Roan, an 18-year-old genderqueer kid who has a lot of fun knee socks and not a lot of free time.

Saleema Noon G Day Advisory Board member
Saleema Noon

Saleema Noon is a sexual health educator who works with children,  teens, teachers, parents, and health care professionals. A step-mom to two teenage girls, she is the creator of the popular iGirl and iGuy Empowerment Workshops for 9-12 year olds.

Emma and Roland Nipp G Day Vancouver Oct 2015 Presenters
Roland and Emma Nipp

Roland and Emma Nipp are a father-daughter guitar playing duo with a wide repertoire of family oriented music spanning the last 80 years. Roland is a professional guitar teacher and Emma, a Grade 6 student, is already an experienced guitarist having played almost half her life. They perform regularly throughout Greater Vancouver, and their audiences are as diverse as the music they play.  Over the past year, their performances have been well received at outdoor markets, festivals, seniors communities, restaurants, Granville Island, Westminster Quay, weddings, civic ceremonies, and memorial services.

Lucca Hallex G Day Vancouver Oct 2015 Presenter
Lucca Hallex

Lucca is an international ‘Sourcer’ of personal empowerment, helping you to be self-ful and still respect the rights of others. She provides a safe, non-judgmental space to explore and champion your inner voice.

Theresa Tree Walsh G Day Vancouver Oct 2015 Presenter
Tree Walsh

Tree is a mover, shaker and groover who has been a teacher, leader and facilitator of dance for over 19 years. Her mission is to inspire people of all ages to live more joyfully by encouraging them to enthusiastically express their essence through movement.

Tamara Cotton G Day Vancouver Oct 2015 Presenter
Tamara Cotton

Tamara is a Certified Life-Cycle Celebrant. She creates and officiates meaningful ceremonies for individuals and families, which include coming of age ceremonies for girls. She believes it is important that we honour our children and youth – that we be the village that surrounds them and holds space for the expected and unexpected transitions that they will undergo in life.

Anna Soole G Day Vancouver Oct 2015 Presenter
Anna Soole

Anna is the iMatter Program Manager and iGirl Facilitator withSaleema Noon Sexual Health Educators. Anna was forever changed as a young girl when an experience taught her about the ways that girls are socialized to give their power away through their body language, tone of voice and sense of self worth. At that moment, she decided it was her life purpose to share the assertiveness, media literacy and empowerment skills she had learned.

Liz Zdunich G Day Vancouver Oct 2015 Presenter
Liz Zdunich

Liz is a playful yogini, teacher and coach, lover of sweet beats and a goddess of GROOVE, Master Trainer in THEGROOVE, Reiki practitioner, blogger, business owner/operator and above all, a mumma of two beautiful, bright lights. She has been professionally involved in the “fitness industry” for over sixteen years, accumulating an eclectic collection of certificates, a degree and some wisdom over the years. Liz has an absolute passion for helping people discover their own physical and inner strength and beauty.

Barbara Ross-Denroche G Day Vancouver Oct 2015 Presenter
Barbara Ross-Denroche

Barbara Ross-Denroche is Chair and Co-Founder of The Refinery Leadership Partners. Barbara holds an MA in Leadership and has been a member of several boards including President of Special Olympics (BC), and The Minerva Foundation for BC Women. For several years Barbara has mentored a young doctor in Uganda to assist with the development of his medical clinic and community initiatives. She is a member of the International Women’s Forum and the CARE Canada Vancouver Council.

Judy Cashmore G Day Vancouver Oct 2015 Presenter
Judy Cashmore

Judy Cashmore is a Black Belt Nia teacher, embodiment facilitator and lifelong student of being genuinely human. With a magical alchemy of music, intuition and a fiery heart, Judy masterfully enables people to experience joy, to heal, and to access their best selves through the truth of their bodies.

Dr. Lisa Ferrari and Dr. Carla Fry G Day Vancouver Oct 2015 Presenters
Lisa Ferrari & Carla Fry

Directors of the Vancouver Psychology Centre and founders of the Real Parenting Lab, Lisa & Carla are called to share their experiences through years of guiding families in their office, studying the science of happiness and also through their experiences of motherhood. Their recently published book: Gratitude and Kindness: A Modern Parents Guide to Raising Children in an Era of Entitlement was inspired by children and families reporting they want to live differently … they asked for ways to feel grateful and satisfied.

Michele Kambolis G Day Vancouver Oct 2015 Presenter
Michele Kambolis

Michele is a Child and Family Therapist. She is the founder of Chi Kids, and writes a national parenting column called “Parent Traps” for the Vancouver Sun and other Postmedia newspapers. Her new book, Generation Stressed: Play-Based Tools to Help Your Child Overcome Anxiety, has been endorsed by leading psychologists around the world. It revolutionizes the way we parent ourselves and our children.

Nikiah Seeds G Day Vancouver Oct 2015 Presenter
Nikiah Seeds
Nikiah has been working in the realm of women’s spirituality and healing for the past 20 years. She is a Certified Life-Cycle Celebrant, Ceremonialist, shamanic drum maker, and author, having co-written the book Moon Mysteries: Reclaiming Women’s Menstrual Wisdom. Nikiah also is the creatrix of the Red Moon Mystery School which provides not just a certification, but is also a safe and supportive place where women can dive deeply into their own inner mysteries.
Liis Sober G Day Vancouver Oct 2015 Presenter
Liis Sober

Liis is a lover of yoga and tennis. As a designer for ivivva athletica she is able to combine her passion for active living and creating beautiful functional athletic apparel for girls. Her mission is to spread love, acceptance and creativity.

Stina Brown G Day Vancouver Oct 2015 Presenter
Stina Brown

Stina Brown is an accomplished meeting designer, facilitator, visual practitioner and consultant. She has an extensive background in visual and creative theory and design, strategic planning, visioning, skills training and group, team and organizational development.