G Day Stories: Alex

G Day Stories: Alex

Alex Mazerolle is one of our speakers. She’ll be talking to us about Yoga and mindfulness.

What was life like for you as a 10-12 year old girl?

At 10, I was spunky, eager and hardworking. By 12, I was starting to put lots of pressure on myself to be the best at everything. I wanted to be a professional dancer and I remember starting to feel the rejection of the dance world and how seriously it effected me and dimmed that bright light.

Why are you participating in G Day?

Introducing mindfulness practices at a younger age is so important for our next generation of women. Girls need to connect to who they are, and have access to role models and mentors who are paving the way.

What pieces of advice might you have for your adolescent self?

I would tell my younger self to slow down. You have time. Stop taking yourself so seriously—make time to play and relax. I would say the same thing to myself now!

Find out more about Alex on her blog: girlvanayoga.com
Follow her on Twitter: @girlvanayoga
Like her on Facebook: Girlvana Yoga

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