Vancouver Spring 2014

Villa Amato Ballroom

The first G Day held on April 28th, 2014 was an incredible success. 250 girls ages 10 to 12 from all over the Lower Mainland and beyond joined together for a day of empowerment, celebration and flat-out fun.

Relive it all here!

For photos from the event, check out Wendy D‘s beautiful Spring 2014 album here!


Saleema Noon G Day Advisory Board member
Saleema Noon

Saleema Noon is a sexual health educator who works with children,  teens, teachers, parents, and health care professionals. A step-mom to two teenage girls, she is the creator of the popular iGirl and iGuy Empowerment Workshops for 9-12 year olds.

Marnie Goldenberg G Day Vancouver Champions Program MC and Presenter
Marnie Goldenberg

Marnie is a sexual health educator in Vancouver, who talks to kids, pre-teens and teens about sex, and talks to parents about talking to their kids about sex. She thinks it’s really important and believes that young people have a right to information about their bodies and how they work and that having this information gives people power. Marnie thinks young people are super smart and that giving them information and tools for exercising their smarts is what will set them up for success and positively change the way the world works.

Anna Soole G Day Vancouver Oct 2015 Presenter
Anna Soole

Anna is the iMatter Program Manager and iGirl Facilitator withSaleema Noon Sexual Health Educators. Anna was forever changed as a young girl when an experience taught her about the ways that girls are socialized to give their power away through their body language, tone of voice and sense of self worth. At that moment, she decided it was her life purpose to share the assertiveness, media literacy and empowerment skills she had learned.

Alex Mazerolle G Day Vancouver April 2014 Presenter
Alex Mazerolle

Alex started teaching yoga at age 21 and has been a staple in the Vancouver yoga community ever since. Through the years, her yoga journey began to reveal a happier, healthier and more confident self. She created Girlvana Yoga to inspire teen girls to be fully expressed, heart centred leaders by providing mentorship, empowerment and tools of deep love and respect for ourselves and our uniqueness.

Suzette Amaya

Suzette is a media commentator, social services worker, and mother of three. She is of Kwakwak wakw, Cree, Nisga and Coast Salish heritage. Born and raised in East Vancouver, she holds a Diploma in Criminology and an Associates of Arts Degree. Suzette is passionate about education as well as supporting youth in life challenges including addictions, homelessness and abuse.

Ish Jhaj

Ish is the founder of Shooting for Hope, a registered non-profit society founded in 2011 that travels to India to run soccer camps for underprivileged girls. She was inspired by her own parents encouraging her participation in sport, and dreamed of creating an organization that would give young girls the same chance she had growing up!

Devon Brooks

Devon is an entrepreneur and champion against violence. She has shared her experience of interpersonal trauma and its effects with thousands of people at her first TEDx talk in 2012. In 2013, PROFIT Magazine named her one of the ‘most fabulous entrepreneurs in Canada.’

Zoya Jiwa

Zoya is a 19 year old storyteller, speaker and workshop facilitator. She is the founder of The Simply You Program, which is dedicated to building self-confidence, self-awareness, and leadership skills in students ages 11 to 16. Zoya is grateful to have had the opportunity to share her experiences and ideas on platforms ranging from TEDx to national student leadership conferences. She is honoured and excited to be part of G Day!

Nikiah Seeds G Day Vancouver Oct 2015 Presenter
Nikiah Seeds

Nikiah has been working in the realm of women’s spirituality and healing for the past 20 years. She is a Certified Life-Cycle Celebrant, Ceremonialist, shamanic drum maker, and author, having co-written the book Moon Mysteries: Reclaiming Women’s Menstrual Wisdom. Nikiah also is the creatrix of the Red Moon Mystery School which provides not just a certification, but is also a safe and supportive place where women can dive deeply into their own inner mysteries.

Theresa Tree Walsh G Day Vancouver Oct 2015 Presenter
Tree Walsh

Tree is a mover, shaker and groover who has been a teacher, leader and facilitator of dance for over 19 years. Her mission is to inspire people of all ages to live more joyfully by encouraging them to enthusiastically express their essence through movement.

Sapna Dayal (Imagine1Day), G Day Presenter
Sapna Dayal

Sapna divides her time between Ethiopia and Vancouver, leading imagine1day’s transformative education and leadership programs as the Executive Director. She is committed to supporting a shift in the global perception of Ethiopia, while creating a charitable model wherein contributions, made in the spirit of fun, personal development and human connection, result in equitable and sustainable exchanges of culture, value, and innovation.