Want to lead a G Day in your community?

G Day is expanding across Canada and beyond. We are looking for Community Leaders to act as local producer-partners of G Day on a contractual, per-event basis. We have created a comprehensive Guidebook and Toolkit to make this process as easy as possible; even so, it is a considerable undertaking.

Here is some basic information to consider prior to applying to become a G Day Community Leader:

  • Community Leaders assume this responsibility for the inspiration, love and fun of it.
  • G Day events require a minimum of six months lead time to produce.
  • Community Leaders and their volunteer team are responsible for:
    • Event production (includes locating a venue, day-of event management)
    • Securing and negotiating with in-kind sponsors (for product or service donation)
    • Managing a comprehensive budget
    • Marketing and communications
    • Researching Presenters
    • Recruiting, training and leading a Core Operations Team as well as a large team of Mentors (day-of volunteers – you will need a couple of dozen at least)
    • Dealing with media and customer service (answering questions from parents and other interested parties)
    • Organizing all of the food for the day
  • We look for candidates with demonstrated interest and/or leadership related to Girls empowerment and/or gender equality. Examples might include work experience or qualification as an educator or healthcare professional, PAC leadership, Girl Guides/Brownies involvement, Educators, Non-profit work, or simply being a conscious parent.
  • You will need a substantial network of people in your community, and good marketing skills and/or skilled contacts related to both girls and parents/guardians. You will need a team of committed supporters: the broader and more diverse the network, the better.
  • Community Leaders are stewards of G Day spirit. Successful applicants will be required to sign a legally binding agreement that includes non-disclosure and limitations around use of Intellectual Property.
  • Following an initial go-ahead, applicants will be asked to locate a venue and provide an initial budget. Following acceptance and confirmation of these by United Girls of the World, the Agreement is signed and applicants become designated G Day Community Leaders. We then provide you with the Guidebook and Toolkit.

Thank you for your interest!