Meet our new Charity Partner imagine1day!

Meet our new Charity Partner imagine1day!

To say that I’m excited about this piece of news is a massive understatement: in terms of G Day’s social impact, it’s the icing on the proverbial cake.

When we started creating G Day we gave a great deal of thought about how to incorporate a global perspective into the day’s programming. While our first goal was to create a sense of Sisterhood among the girls at the event, we also wanted to have a conversation with them about what life is like for girls their age in the developing world.

Through our work with Pads4Girls, we have had the benefit of connecting with multiple organizations and individuals making a difference in the lives of girls and women throughout the developing world. While it would be impossible (and kind of silly) to pick a “favourite”, our relationship with Vancouver-based imagine1day has felt special.


imagine1day’s Ethiopia Country Representative Seid Aman, Suzanne, imagine1day Executive Director Sapna Dayal & Madeleine celebrate sending more Pads4Girls kits to Ethiopia.

So what does this partnership mean? The financial details are that $10 from every regular-priced ($75) G Day Vancouver ticket sold will be donated to imagine1day, to be directed to a project as part of their programming that will have specific impact for girls.

From decreasing the distance that girls have to walk to school, to school toilets where girls can have dignity and privacy, to gatherings and training workshops with teachers, parents, and community members that place gender equity at the heart of every conversation, imagine1day’s girl-focused programming is central to their mission.

imagine1day’s Executive Director, Sapna Dayal, will be speaking at G Day, sharing the stories of incredible girls that she’s come to know in Ethiopia. Sapna will also lead the girls in creating a special piece of communication that she will hand deliver to girls in Ethiopia during her next visit this October. She’s excited to help create an understanding of our shared human experiences that transcend distance or circumstance.

imagine1day is committed to supporting Ethiopia in transforming their education system and making it accessible to all girls and boys. They work directly on the ground at the community level, improving education quality and inspiring leadership in people. Currently over 60,000 children, nearly half of which are girls, are supported by imagine1day’s programs.

Please join us in sharing this beautiful news, and many thanks for everyone’s good wishes and support!


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