Dawn Chubai

G Day Story: Dawn

Dawn ChubaiWorking in television and singing on  stage, you might think I great up super confident and the most popular girl in school. But the truth is, I was always shy, never overly popular, but never unpopular.

People liked me, I kind of blended. I had bad skin. I always remember being insecure about that. I didn’t have much self-confidence. I didn’t excel in school – especially math.

I don’t recall thinking that much about who or what I wanted to be.

Family and friends love you for who you are – or at least they should, so support from them was a given, but one of the greatest lessons I had to live in order to learn is that it truly doesn’t matter what other people think. Every one older than me always said that – but until you live and experience life, you can’t possibly believe it – though it would have saved me a lot of heart ache, a lot of unnecessary dieting, tears, and headaches if I had only trusted in that statement. I guess you have to learn the lesson yourself – that’s life. But I’m telling you now – be kind, with only the best intentions – even if something goes wrong, or not as planned – if you do those 2 things, you have done your part.

Everyone needs a cheerleader – One of the best ways to get through life is to find that person and then be that person for someone else who needs a boost. I used to allow other people to tear me down. It happened in my teens because I was rising to my potential and some people want to keep you at their level. It can also happen in your adult life – Don’t listen to the noise. Be grateful. Be kind. Be confident, but not arrogant and give back. A kind word to someone who needs it can be the most precious gift.

You can choose to be happy – you can share that joy with your closest friends but don’t underestimate how a smile can change perspective. If your life changes direction from what you “thought” it should be heading in, before you try to really alter it…be open.

Sometimes the best decisions are not necessarily the ones you made yourself.

Dawn ChubaiCelebrating ten years on Breakfast Television, Dawn Chubai’s current role as a “Live Eye” Host has her doing everything from rappelling down a 20-storey building in a latex catsuit, to flying with the Snowbirds, as well as cooking with some of the best chefs in the Lower Mainland. You can also see Dawn at Vancouver Canucks home games as the in-arena host. Dawn also continues to work in the film and television industry. Twi-hards may recognize her from her cameo in Twilight Eclipse as a news reporter! When not on stage or screen, Dawn puts in many volunteer hours for several charities, including the Canadian Mental Health Association, Make-A-Wish Foundation,  Big Sisters of the Lower Mainland and the SPCA. THANK YOU for sharing your G Day Story with us, Dawn!


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