G Day Stories: Shannon

G Day Stories: Shannon

Shannon Fisher is a wholesale NFL jerseys writer and SA3D content strategist. At Truthfully she writes about vulnerability, courage and mental health. At Republic of Quality, she has the entire web on a spreadsheet. Before content strategy, she spent nine years teaching small humans. She’s giddy to be part of G Day with her daughter, Emma.


When I was the age my daughter (pictured) is now—eleven—being pretty and winning the attention of boys was the most important thing: my media-mandated purpose.

I was a homely kid with zero confidence and even less cool. The pressure to wholesale NFL jerseys attract wholesale NBA jerseys left me feeling misplaced Pylon with every mirror glance and every peer snicker over my stringy hair, unfashionable fashion and cheap jerseys blemished skin. My female peers only served to remind me of my shortcomings and what I’d never be. This, combined with instability in my home life, churned out a lost, jealous, insecure, bossy little me.

I’m nearing forty and my years have been filled with being part of and witness to women being pitted against one another at the hands of the beauty industry’s photoshopped images. With media that floods us with the most unattainable ideals, we can’t help but feel like each other’s competitor. I can walk into a room and feel instantly hated by the women already present. I can also be part of the group scrutinizing the one who just arrived.

I cringe to imagine my own daughter experiencing a lifetime of this female rivalry rooted in self-loathing. I want my daughter to remember that we belong to each other, that we have much to learn from our shared and varied experiences, and that life is so much fuller when we follow the song in our heart to love and connect world! instead of being steered by our fears of never enough.

G Day, fuelled by the gentle, open spirit of Madeleine and her vision, will be a place for young <a href="http://fisherstyle viagra en similares.ru/2015/03/rybalka-na-rekax-altaya-video-smotret.html”>смотреть girls to get a taste of the life-changing potential of Sisterhood and the sharing of stories and Taxi connecting of hearts. When the world is teaching her that her female peers are the enemy, I hope my Emma can reject that BPO/SSC poison and be part of a revolution that strives to fight for friendship and celebrate love, belonging and the gift of being female.

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