G Day Stories: Lucia

G Day Stories: Lucia

Lucia comes from a career of website and software project development, strategic leadership training, and life and business coach training. Fearless Mommies  inspires and supports other moms to live a life of freedom, create the work-life balance they desire, and empower their children as healthy role models.

At the time, I could quite possibly say it was the worst day of my life. Here I was attending my uncle’s wedding, surrounded by friends and family, and I had my first full blown menstruation!  I had no clue what was really going on,  I mean, I heard about menstruation briefly and about puberty, but no one had ever sat me down and explained what was going to happen to my body.

Those were challenging times for me because of the fact that my body was going through so many changes. Without any support, it actually affected the world around me. When I was that age, while many girls starting talking about boys, I was still very much interested in playing with bugs, dirt, and science experiments, none of which was encouraged by my loving parents. As luck would have it, my breasts developed faster than most of my peers and all the sudden, guys were giving me funny glares, whistles and remarks as I walked down the hallway of school… all the attention I really didn’t want at that age. It made the idea of becoming an adult more scary than it should have been.

Fast forward to today, I have two beautiful daughters of my own and it is my intention that they never have a pre-pubescent  experience like the one I had. Although I was very much loved, I was never given the information and inspiration on how I could have been empowered during that age. I love that there is a G Day event for girls! What a great time in a girl’s life to be surrounded by inspiration and loving messages of support. Knowing what I know now, I would tell my younger self that adulthood doesn’t have to be scary. It is actually a really cool journey of love, learning and knowing that every one of us was born with a special story just waiting to be explored. It is about loving ourselves with all the freckles and bumps and that imperfection is what makes us all perfect in our own way.  It is about learning that it is because we are all different that we are all the same inside and to be easy on ourselves and our friends for being ‘imperfect’ too. That is how we learn from each other and come together as girls. The whole world is there for us to learn and explore as we walk forward in our journey… these are exciting times of self discovery and exploration! Enjoy G Day and leave the day inspired to step forward in your adventures in life.

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