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Mom, Can We Talk?

We may never appreciate all that our parents do for us, even though we gain an overwhelming, eye-opening insight into what they did for us as children when we become parents ourselves. Suddenly every other sentence to our Moms becomes, “Mom, I’m sorry I never appreciated…”. And I’m guilty as charged. But there has always been one thing that stood out to me, even from a pretty young age, that I continue to be grateful for: I was always, always able to talk to my Mum. About anything.

Growing up, my Mum did all the wonderful things that mothers do for their children; she loved and nurtured me, had continuous patience, and when I entered into my preteen years, she helped prepare me for becoming a woman in a way that I hope I can do for my own daughter when the time comes. Not only did she teach me about the mysteries of the female & male bodies, about the monumental changes I would be facing, and how babies are made – she answered all of my questions. And most importantly when I needed her most, she listened.

If I have one thing that I will forever be grateful for, it was the knowledge and comfort I had knowing I could go to my Mum and talk about anything. And I mean anything. As I transitioned from a pre-teen to an adolescent teenager, she listened when I needed to rant, to vent. She consoled me when I needed her most, and reminded me that life grew beyond those challenging years. When I needed to ask her the most candid, embarrassing questions, I could do so without fear of judgment or condemnation. And when I had to confess in moments of panic that I had strayed from my parent’s lessons, she could see past her own frustration of raising a rebellious teenager and be there for me.

I never feared my parents; I never felt there was something so horrible I couldn’t confide in them about. Of course I was nervous and uncomfortable confessing such personal things about myself, especially in a period of life when parents have their own struggles with their child growing up, their growing independence, their loss of innocence, etc, etc. And I lived up to all of those challenges. But regardless, my Mum- and sometimes, for the toughest moments, my Dad too- never reneged on their promise to always be there for me and to remind me there were no topics that they would shy away from. If I needed them, they would be there. And they were.

At this time in a girl’s life, having an trusted adult to talk to can not only be a comfort, it can be a lifesaver. The ability to put your own beliefs and prejudices aside as a parent can be the difference in your daughter’s life that helps her grow into a strong, confident woman. Rather than have her turn to friends who lack the life experience and maturity to help her grow when faced with the challenges of this age, be the person she can trust in and turn to in the moments when she feels helpless and clueless. I hope I can emulate my own parents when it’s my turn. Thank you Mum & Dad, for everything.

Katherine Petrunia

Katherine Petrunia of The Pampered Baby creates a place for Moms – ladies – to talk about all aspects of life; the good, the crazy, and everything in between. She wants to provide a platform to discuss everything we face. As many ladies are trying to achieve a work-family balance, she hopes to build a community in which we support each other. This may be on a personal level with comfort and advice, or help to support Moms trying to make a living so they can contribute financially and raise their family while doing so. Thank you for your G Day Story, Katherine!

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