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G Day Story: Adera

Adera Angelucci of SPIRO Creative started following her passion to a T – and started Passionpreneur TV, to showcase exceptional entrepreneurs in her community. She loves promoting amazing, authentic, and fantastic people, and her true JOY is seeing others shine and feeling like their TRUE SELVES. Seeing others follow their own hearts desire is the biggest gift she could receive. Thank you for sharing yourself and your G Day Story, Adera!

Adera AngelucciI remember grade 5, 6 and 7 being some of the biggest, most impactful years for growth. Firstly, I got my period when I was in grade 5, and I was the earliest in my whole grade to do so. That was especially difficult within my friend group, as I was having a hard time fitting in, and they had no idea what it was like yet. I was also the bigger kid in my group. All my friends were a little bit shorter or had a smaller bone structure then me. Feeling different then other people in my grade starting to make me wonder about my appearance and was the beginning of my body issues.

In grade 6, I remember wanting to stick up for my beliefs and somehow I got the whole class to go on strike because I thought what the teacher was asking us to do wasn’t productive. As the teacher arrived, I had the whole class outside the classroom yelling “Strike! Strike!” I was starting to understand that I was a change maker and that it was important that my voice be heard. I didn’t seem to mind getting in trouble or going against the grain if I thought it was the right thing to do. This definitely was the start of my ‘push the boundaries’ attitude to see what I could get away with. It’s hard being a girl and pushing the limits respectfully around adults as your skill set and reasonings aren’t fully formed, and you’re mostly led by a feeling inside you. Looking back, however, I think this is an exceptional quality, as it’s the beginning of following your own heart.

Speaking of heart, I had fallen in love in grade 7 and all my close girlfriends that I had been friends with since grade 4 had decided to not like me anymore. One day at school, they gave me back all the things I had given them over the years and added to the mix was my grade 7 school picture with a moustache drawn over my face. With these experiences happening for the first time it was really hard to deal with. Sometimes I don’t know where I found the strength, and looking back I’d have to say I found it in my family and especially in my Mom. She was always there supporting me emotionally through all the hard times I faced, and I knew she loved me more then anything, always. Somehow, having her in my corner (even though I was an extremely difficult kid with my stubborn, pushy, vocal, emotionally draining breakouts) made me feel that whatever life was throwing at me on the outside didn’t need to be internalized. It totally fostered my internal growth and my love for learning more about myself and the world around me.

Now I can say I have literally made all my dreams come true. I traveled the world, had my own TV show, met the man of my dreams, work for myself, live by the beach and have an amazing community of people I can trust and depend on. I am truly grateful to my Mother for showing me the way and to all the teachers, mentors and facilitators that opened my eyes up to possibility. You can do anything! You are far stronger then you imagine. Sometimes you just need some help to see the way.

Love, Adera
“I dare ya to be different”

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