5 fantastic reasons to attend G Day Toronto!

Still on the fence about attending G Day Toronto? Here are 5 fantastic reasons not to miss out, complete with testimonials from Girls and Champions who attended the Vancouver events in 2014.

1) For your daughter (or niece, god daughter, grand daughter, etc). She will LOVE it! She’ll have an amazing time meeting girls from across the GTA, hearing stories from diverse role models, being creative and having fun dancing and doing yoga. G Day emphasizes positive peer and family relationships, compassion for self and others, and embracing individual gifts and dreams.

“I learned that we are all special and that we are all together even if we feel like we are alone.”– G Day Girl

“G Day is a place where girls can feel safe to express, be witnessed and feel special. They are exposed to remarkable women and mentors, and a day of fun AND enrichment.”  – G Day Champion

2) For yourself. Most of us adults never had a formal Rite of Passage celebration when we were adolescents: it’s a beautiful way to “hit pause” for a day to recognize and take stock of what an incredible time in life this is.

“The best part was the big smile on my daughter’s face when I saw her. The joyous “running of the girls” through the hallway made me cry (but happy tears)” – G Day Champion

3) For your community. At G Day we often quote the African proverb “It takes a Village to raise a child”. In coming together, G Day unites communities based on our hopes and dreams for our daughters.

“G Day creates a way to mark an important rite of passage, celebrating girls in an authentic and meaningful way. Its value is limitless and amazing.” – G Day Champion

4) It’s different. G Day is a unique, lived experience that is different from what most girls are learning and experiencing in school or at home. Rather than dispensing information, G Day’s goal is to instill lasting, positive emotional memories that girls can draw on as she enters her teenage years.

“G Day is a chance for girls to develop “sisterhood” – I loved that (my daughter) learned about other places and cultures where girls grow up differently.” – G Day Champion

“This event empowers girls in a way that they cannot be in school by their classmates or teachers, or even at home if parents and family members do not have these kinds of conversations with their girls.” – G Day Champion

5) It won’t happen again in Toronto for at least a year. Unless you feel like coming to Victoria (September 20, 2015) or Vancouver (October 23, 2015), you will have to wait for at least a year before it happens again in the GTA!

“G Day counteracts negative societal attitudes about girls becoming young women by letting them know that they can talk to other girls and women and that they have supportive adults who are there to listen and help.” – G Day Champion

See you on April 26th!


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